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Listen to podcasts, read articles or books by Marianne Olsson or interviews about the consulting industry, the gig economy, gig work and how to navigate the labour market, recruitment and retention as an employer.

  • Panel: Financial inclusion or exclusion connects to job market flexibility Oct 14 2021
  • Event: First ever Nordic Innovation Summit for the Gig Economy Industry is held in Stockholm October 11, 2021
  • Pod interview: in the Mondo Merkato Pod i.e. Global Market in Esperanto June 28 2021
  • Interview: Marianne Olsson interviewed in Italian Law & HR Magazine March 26 2021
  • Podcast interview: Gigging Everything & Sharing Economy with Marianne Olsson Jan 12 2021

  • Knowledge sharing: about gigging in 2020 Advent Calendars Dec 17 2020
  • Article: Crowd Sourcing Week – What Makes Sweden “The Innovation Nation”? Sept 17 2020
  • Book release: New Book Series about Gig & Consulting – Great Gigs! Sept 21 2020
  • Pod interview: Gig Work Beyond the Pandemic with Marianne Olsson June 30 2020
  • Speaker: Global Masters Program about Gig Economy & Gig Platforms May 25 2020
  • Pod interview: Gig work in time of Corona, Gigapod March 25 2020
  • Article: Marketplaces make a difference, Market Place Risk March 24
  • Book release: Expert Publishes Books for Gig Workers & Consultants Feb 3 2020
  • Commission of trust: Steering Committee Member at Market Place Risk – Gig & Sharing Economy Global Summit Nov 15 2019 & events


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