Leading Digital Transformation

Leading Digital Transformation: You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.

Konsultboken Publishing har producerat ”Kindle Edition” för den internationella marknaden.

Business Book Awards 2019 Finalist. Now in English! A #1 bestselling management book in Sweden, a digital epicenter, home of Spotify, Skype and Candy Crush! The book includes:

1. Foreword by Brian Solis and interview with Dr. John Kotter
2. Step-by-step methodology, Digital Maturity Matrix
3. Digital tools and more content at www.digitaltransformation.net
4. Book and methodology in cooperation with researchers and businesses
5. Eight case studies from different industries.

Digital transformation is a hot topic of discussion in many board and management rooms. The understanding of digitalization’s impact on corporate competitiveness is growing and more leaders understand they need to do something but the question is what, how, and when?

For three years, authors Joakim Jansson and Marie Andervin, together with approximately 40 co-creators from research and industry, have worked with this question. This has resulted in the methodology Digital Maturity Matrix that helps owners, boards of directors, CEOs, and management teams take command in their company’s transformation.

The starting point of the book and methodology is that successful digitalization requires innovation, strong change leadership, and digital maturity. You are led through the three phases of the transformation process, given the tools required to lead a successful transformation, and given recommendations on what should be done and when.

Theory is provided along with examples from successful traditional companies. In addition, access is provided to a digital knowledge bank with inspiring cases, exercises, and a digital maturity test. The test provides you with insight into your company’s digital maturity and gives recommendations for your best course of action.

In short – everything you need for your business to be at least as successful tomorrow as it is today.

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